Product Inormation

If it’s made of metal then it’s fabricated. In today’s cost driven market reducing cost is a must. Stay Ahead of the market. Call and lets discuss your options.

We custom fabricate to your drawings.

Please download a copy of our sheet metal fabrication order form. This makes it super easy to gather all the information we need to process your order. The really great part is the checklist that reminds you about all the things you may forget. This eliminates those pesky back and forth e-mails.

Make a simple drawing of your part, including the following information

Material Type:

Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper

Material Gauge, Color or finish of material.

(If the part has a finish on the surface then indicate color side).

Your Order

Profile Drawing

Indicate dimensions on your drawing.

Include critical dimensions & applicable tolerances.

Specify if dimensions are OD (outside dimension) or ID (inside dimension). If not explicit, the dimensions you draw in between flanges will be made ID, and dimensions outside of flanges will be made OD.

Indicate dimensions on all flanges, as well as pertinent overall dimensions desired on parts.

If hems are present, indicate if the hems should be closed hems or open hems.

Include bend angles on all bends that are not 90 degrees. It is best to use included angles whenever possible since that is what we input on the press brakes.